Episode 15.5: For The Love Of Women

I have quite a show for you tonight, I’ve asked our community of poets to contribute pieces representing and honoring women, and I’ve going to read them for you. Now on some of these I’ll offer a little commentary, but not all. Some poetry doesn’t need commentary, and to be honest, some of these are so deep that I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

A lot of amazing people have contributed poems to this show, and some of them are exclusives, never before seen or published. Here’s who’s on the docket for this evening: L. Bachman, Robert Cano, Lily Luchesi, Paula Wilson Udell, Stacey Filak, J.D. Estrada, Ally Malinenko, Samuel Peralta, Jenn Waterman, Jessie Wier, Zan Stringer-Lund.

I hope you enjoy the poetry tonight, I’m going to do my best not to mangle any of it, and while you’re listening, give a little thanks to the amazing women in your own life. Cheers!

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